Landscape photography in the Colne Valley, Pennine Yorkshire

The quality and variety of the light in the Colne Valley provide endless inspiration and opportunities for landscape photographers. Our variable weather supplies:

Plus, when clouds and mist are absent, any view is transformed at any time of year by the magical sunlight of early morning and late evening. The ingredients for landscape photography are always available here, leaving the photographer with the task of being in the right place when the light is right.

In addition to the light, I am continually attracted by the shape of the land, the local stone, and the skies. For example, the village of Golcar clings to the north side of the Colne Valley; hence, from various locations, it can be photographed looking down to it, looking up, and looking across — this provides a variety of opportunities for photos.

This website contains galleries of photos I have taken of various parts of the Colne Valley. It also describes the products that are available.


Orange mist

Colne Valley
Pennine Yorkshire


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